Education and alcoholic beverages rise in price while car registrations are up by 37.7%

This week, it's unemployment rates, tax receipts and how August fared for retailers and manufacturing.

Find out how consumer sentiment, general production, sales of new cars and overall price inflation are doing this month.

The European Commission, in their annual review of how EU countries are creating the right environment for SMEs, has given Ireland a positive review.

An independent report out this week shows that Skillnets, a state funded body for training and upskilling, is delivering its targets. And under budget too.

New Government initiative sees major employers pledging at least 50% of their interview candidates will be from the Live Register.

A new visa scheme, officially launched today, will make it easier for people to visit Ireland from the UK.

The European Commission has approved an application from the Irish Government for EU funding for over 300 workers made redundant in West Limerick.

At the heart of Budget 2015 was getting people back to work, and supporting small businesses. Find out the specific measures here.

With the flurry of numbers from Budget 2015 to get through, here are some other statistics you may not have spotted this week.


Government Programmes

There are two complementary, Government-wide plans to tackle the jobs challenge:

APJ 2015Action Plan for Jobs
Find out how Government Departments and Agencies work together to improve conditions for creating jobs.

Pathways to Work

Check out the Government’s four-year strategy to radically reduce the number of people on the Live Register.