Published on Monday8thJuly2019

Minister Bruton Announces Funding to Support Community Action on Littering & Graffiti

20190708 DCCAE

Richard Bruton, T.D., Minister for the Communications, Climate Action and Environment, today (8th July) announced funding for community projects to crack down on litter and graffiti in their area.

The Climate Action Plan to tackle climate breakdown, which was recently published by Minister Bruton commits government to managing waste more sustainably. 

Minister Bruton said,

We have seen across the country, the impact that local communities working together can have on the cleanliness and presentation of their local area. However, litter and graffiti carried out by the few can have a really negative effect on the whole community.  This scheme will give communities the resources to target these activities with focused projects and awareness campaigns.

€771,500 in grants is available and grants can cover a broad range of measures to raise public awareness and to stimulate anti-litter and anti-graffiti activity at local level - measures such as local community clean-ups, primary/secondary schools competitions, anti-litter/anti-graffiti materials, videos, posters, information leaflets, and anti-litter/anti-graffiti exhibitions are eligible for grant aid. Interested parties can apply to their local authority.