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Department announces removal of the ban on gathering of live birds for sale or shows on Monday 16th of May

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine has announced that the legal requirement for specific biosecurity measures and the ban on gatherings for sale/shows introduced against Avian Influenza (bird flu) will be lifted from the 16th May 2022.

The measures now being removed relate to the prohibition on the assembly of live birds for the purposes of show or sale (SI No 592 of 2021 and to specific enforceable biosecurity requirements introduced on 17th November (SI No 593 of 2021).

The decision to remove these measures is based on indicators of reduced risk of avian influenza - including the fact that no case of bird flu has been confirmed here in wild birds for a period of over 6 weeks, reduced numbers of migratory waterfowl and increasing environmental temperatures and daylight hours.

The Department however urges flock owners to remain vigilant and to continue to use the highest standards of biosecurity as, notwithstanding the reduced risk, there is still the possibility of the virus being present in the environment or being transmitted to their flock by wild birds.

The Department also reminds all poultry owners, including those who keep only 1 or 2 birds, of their legal obligation to register their premises with the Department. Guidance on how to register your poultry can be found at:

Further information on avian influenza can be found at:

A list of Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine offices and their contact details is available at:

Avian influenza hotline: Tel:  01 607 2512 or 01 492 8026 (outside office hours)

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