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Minister Foley announces €65m Summer Works Programme for 2022

Minister for Education Norma Foley TD has today (24 January 2022) announced funding of €65 million for the approval of 497 projects under the 2022 Summer Works Scheme.


Minister Foley said: “I am very pleased to confirm the provision of a funding investment of €65 million in 2022 to facilitate the delivery 497 projects under the Summer Works Scheme.


“I am announcing the Summer Works Scheme projects now so that schools have a good lead-in period to plan and deliver the projects in summer 2022.

“School communities have done an exceptional job in adapting to the changes required to operate safely in a Covid-19 environment. A key priority is to continue to support and sustain the operation of schools in this context. I am particularly pleased that the cohort of projects announced today include window improvement/replacement projects in schools which will assist in managing ventilation in these schools.

“Other projects includes investment in science labs, electrical and mechanical works and I am particularly pleased that today’s announcement also includes repairs and improvements to external yards and play areas.

“The provision of fun and engaging outside play areas is equally important in helping our students and young learners engage with each other in a Covid-19 environment.

“Today’s announcement follows on from the €62 million enhanced minor works funding which was delivered to schools a number of weeks ago.”

The projects announced today breakdown as follows:

  • 307 projects at primary level involving mechanical works (89 schools), electrical works (65 schools),  window projects (89 schools) and external yards/play areas (64 schools)
  • 190 projects at post-primary level involving roof works (81 schools), mechanical works (34 schools), electrical works (12 schools), window projects (35  schools), science labs (23 schools) and yards/play areas (5 schools)

It is envisaged that the remaining categories of projects from the current Multi-Annual Summer Works Scheme (categories 8, 9 and the balance of 10) will be dealt with as part of the Summer Works Programme in 2023 and relevant schools will be notified in Q4 2022 in relation to this. 


It is also envisaged that a new Multi-Annual Summer Works Scheme will be opened for new applications in Q2 2022. This will have a strong climate action aspect to it.  Further details will be announced later in Q1 2022.




Notes to Editors


A full list of the over 497 projects approved is available on the Department’s website: . A copy of this list is also attached.


The Summer Works Scheme (SWS) is designed to allow schools to carry out small and medium-scale building works that will improve and upgrade existing school buildings.


The categories of projects under the scheme are as follows:


Category 1: Life Safety Systems (fire alarm, fire detection and emergency lighting)                                                                                     

Category 2: Roof works

Category 3: Electrical works (other than life safety systems)

Category 4: Mechanical works

Category 5: Science labs (incl. gas works)

Category 6: Toilet facilities

Category 7: Windows projects

Category 8: Curricular requirements (excl. science labs)

Category 9: Fabric defects

Category 10: External environment projects (including playgrounds)


The scheme provides flexibility in determining which categories (or parts of categories) get approved in any given year.


Schools must also comply with the Department’s technical guidance documents and must also read the “Important information for schools approved 2021 SWS Projects” also available on the Department’s website at