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Pillar 1 of Rebuilding Ireland Launched

Minister for Housing Simon Coveney today outlined the details of the Homelessness Pillar under “Rebuilding Ireland – an Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness”. 

The first pillar of the Action Plan is to address the homelessness problem and the overall intention is to address homelessness by providing for early housing solutions to address homelessness among families and individuals. 

The Taoiseach said:

It is not tolerable that in Ireland today we have families and children living long term in emergency accommodation.  Many of the current problems stem from the housing crash from which we are still recovering from. In response I established a new cabinet Minister for Housing along with a reformed Department to take on these challenges and deliver real change through an Action Plan for Housing.  That Action Plan is setting the agenda and is being implemented across Government.  Housing and homelessness problems cannot be solved overnight but they do require a sustained and dedicated effort to deliver lasting solutions.  I am determined that this Government will bring that resolve.

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Minister Coveney at the Press Briefing Earlier

Minister Simon Coveney said:

As the Minister for Housing I have witnessed first-hand the number of people sleeping rough on our streets nationwide.  The plight of families caught up in the cycle of homelessness and being accommodated in commercial hotels is also a major concern for me.  Helping these people and families is my number one priority.  I am glad to announce today an additional 200 beds for rough sleepers.  This will make life easier for some of these individuals.  It’s not the complete solution but it is a step in getting these unfortunate people into homes.  The progress I am highlighting today on the roll out of the Rapid Build Programme will take many families out of hotels and put them into temporary social housing until we provide a permanent home.  The problem of homelessness and rough sleepers in particular are complex and at times it feels like we are running to stand still.  We have made good progress this year by providing 1,350 exits from homelessness.  I know this is not sufficient, but we will continue to work with the local authorities and service providers to deal with this problem.

The Plan is ultimately focussed on delivering more homes for the people who need them. 

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