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Government launches the renewed National Development Plan 2021-2030

Taoiseach Micheál Martin, Tánaiste Leo Varadkar TD, The Minister for the Environment, Climate Communications and Transport, Eamon Ryan TD and the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, Michael McGrath, today (Monday), launched the new National Development Plan 2021 - 2030 in Páirc Uí Chaoimh. Today's publication outlines the largest National Development Plan ever delivered in the history of the State - €165 billion - with a particular focus on priority solutions to strengthen housing, climate ambitions, transport, healthcare, jobs growth in every region and economic renewal for the decade ahead. This plan will prepare us for population growth of approximately 1 million people between 2016 and 2040, and help us to deal with the ongoing challenges of Covid-19 and Brexit. Speaking at the launch, Taoiseach Micheál Martin said: "Government is committing significant additional funding and an increased level of ambition for collaborative cross-border investment under the Shared Island initiative. The €500m Shared Island Fund will be doubled out to 2030, and total all-island investment, including through the Shared Island Fund, the Project Ireland 2040 funds, the Government’s annual funding for North/South cooperation, and the PEACE PLUS programme delivered with the EU, UK and Northern Ireland Executive, is more than €3.5 billion." Tánaiste Leo Varadkar said: "We need to anticipate what the Ireland of 2040 will look like - what our jobs will be like, how we will travel, how we will live. With a rapidly rising population, Ireland needs to invest big in infrastructure. "Since 2017, the percentage of Gross National Income committed to public infrastructure has risen from 2.5% to about 4.5%. That's now substantially higher than the EU average and well ahead of our peers like The Netherlands and Denmark.

"This updated NDP will see this level of investment continue and grow to 5% of GNI, from €12.7bn this year to €19.3bn in 2030. We are investing in the future and going for growth" Minister Ryan said:

This is a plan for a cleaner, greener, connected Ireland, a plan that supports communities and our climate goal - to cut emissions in half by 2030 - and creates a new green and digital economy. 

"We’re making the biggest investment in transport in the history of the State - €35 billion over the decade - prioritising walking, cycling and public transport.

"Up to 80% of our electricity will come from renewables by 2030, and the NDP includes enhanced investment to make half a million homes warmer and cheaper to heat. We’re also bringing broadband to all parts of rural Ireland no matter how remote. This is a plan for a new Ireland; this will be a decade of change." Minister McGrath said:

"With an investment of €165 billion this will be the largest and greenest National Development Plan in the history of the State. The NDP is the culmination of significant analysis and consultation, with extensive engagement across Government Departments and stakeholders over the past year. It is built on a strong evidence base that allowed Government to shape this strategically important Plan for our country.

"The NDP is ambitious, with record levels of investment, but it is achievable. This ten year plan will deliver for our country. It will build a more resilient, sustainable future to improve lives and living standards for all of our people". ENDS

Notes for Editors The Phase 1 report published last March drew on research and policy papers, as well as an extensive public consultation to provide a solid evidence base for the second phase. Phase 2 of the NDP review included detailed engagement across Departments to agree capital allocations and priority programmes to be included in the NDP.

This is a cross-Departmental plan with linkages between sectors to meet National Strategic Outcomes (NSOs). An example of this is a transport-led housing development approach which will allow for the emergence of sustainable and well-connected communities where active travel is feasible. Along with allocations in the NDP supporting the realisation of Housing For All with investment to deliver an average of 6,000 affordable homes each year and funding to meet ambitious climate targets, the next five year period 2021-2025 will also see;

  • €13bn Gross Voted capital allocation for transport projects;
  • €5.7bn of health investment;
  • €4.4bn for education;
  • And an additional €2.9bn Gross Voted capital allocation for higher education;
  • Irish Water is projected to invest in the region of €6 billion in our water services infrastructure over the period, €4.5 billion of which is in relation to investment in domestic water services which supports future housing delivery.

 There are a number of additional reports being published along with the NDP today including:

  • An Irish Government Economic and Evaluation Service (IGEES) research paper on the jobs multiplier effect of such significant investment in our infrastructure and a paper on the impact of NDP using case studies to highlight the benefits of investment.
  • The Investment Impact Case Studies report examines nine case studies of capital investment in recent years. The report highlights the positive impacts of capital investment made in various regions, across sectors including innovation, housing, transport, health and education.
  • The Supporting Excellence Action Team (SEAT) report was also published alongside the renewed NDP today. It makes a number of significant recommendations to support the agenda of improving delivery capability. The Project Ireland 2040 Annual Report for 2020 sets out the progress achieved in the third year of Project Ireland 2040 and the main outputs delivered under each of the ten National Strategic Outcomes. A total of 18 projects over €20m commenced construction in 2020.
  • The Project Ireland 2040 Annual Report 2020 is accompanied by three Regional Reports which provide a detailed overview of the public investments which have been made in the three Regional Assembly Areas: the Eastern and Midland Region, the Northern and Western Region and the Southern Region. The updated Investment Projects and Programmes Tracker available on today provides a composite update on the progress of all major investments that are under Project Ireland 2040. It focuses mainly on projects with estimated costs greater than €20 million.

Additional digital supports are also being made available to provide a status update of projects and programmes under Project Ireland 2040, providing detail to inform the strong foundation for this NDP. Also unveiled today was an updated MyProjectIreland Interactive Map developed in partnership with Ordnance Survey Ireland. This allows the user to navigate projects around the country, finding out what is happening in their region. By clicking on, citizens will find a collection of information on what has been achieved in and what is planned for their own local area which may help them to decide where to work, live, study and invest. The map will continue to be revised and updated over the life-time of the plan.