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Government Statement re. Ukraine national responses

At its meeting today, the Government considered the security and political situation with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. 


The Government also considered the implications for Ireland and the actions being taken here regarding the humanitarian and economic issues arising, including the preparations to welcome people fleeing war in Ukraine and seeking protection in Ireland.


The continuing Russian military action against Ukraine is illegal and immoral, involving the utterly unacceptable targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure, the use of prohibited weapons and indiscriminate attacks.  A full and comprehensive cessation of hostilities and the withdrawal of the Russian military from Ukrainian territory is what is required to ensure the safety of civilians there.


The Government noted that the Department of Foreign Affairs remains in ongoing contact with Irish citizens registered in Ukraine.  Given the extreme circumstances, they are advised to shelter in a secure place; and, only if they judge it safe to do so, to consider leaving Ukraine.


Ireland has announced contributions totalling €20 million in humanitarian assistance from Irish Aid funding to support key humanitarian partners in Ukraine and neighbouring countries in responding to the crisis.


The Government acknowledged the scale and scope of the potential implications for the State and agreed that a co-ordinated, whole-of-Government response will be essential to minimise those impacts.  A number of economic issues and the challenges likely to arise for the State were considered by the Government, including matters relating to energy prices and supply; inflation and the cost of living; challenges for industry and investment; and for farming, food supply and financial services.


The Government recognises that the impact on the European economy of the war and the sanctions on Russia will inevitably create economic pressures and involve costs for Ireland.  However, these measures are an essential, collective response to the unacceptable conduct of the Russian government and an important display of solidarity with the people of Ukraine.


The Government discussed the humanitarian response being put in place to welcome people from Ukraine fleeing the war and seeking protection in Ireland.


Very significant planning and preparatory work is taking place across Government to provide accommodation and other essential supports to those who have arrived here already, as well as the large numbers of further people expected to arrive.  This includes preparations on healthcare and education. The Government agreed that temporary, crisis measures may need to be taken in order to deliver a response to this humanitarian emergency at the scale and in the short timeframe needed.