Ministers O'Brien and McConalogue have agreed to extend the slurry spreading period by 7 days.

Minister O'Brien announced the 24 projects set to receive approximately €1.3m in funding under the Ireland Against Racism Fund 2023.  

Ministers Donelly and Donohoe have published: Hospital Performance: An Analysis of Unscheduled Care Activity 2017 – 2022, as part of the 2023 Spending Review.

Ministers O'Brien and Noonan have announced approval of €9m under the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund for conservation works at the Iveagh Markets.

Minister Heydon announced the launch of 11 calving simulators and 11 injecting simulators for use in Teagasc agricultural colleges and research and innovation centres.

Minister Butler is marking World Alzheimer's Day by announcing the recruitment of over 160 staff to support the development of new Memory Services across Ireland for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

Minister Harris has today announced a significant expansion in courses outside the CAO system for students in the next academic year.

Minister McGrath has written to Government colleagues asking that public bodies under their aegis maintain their existing payment methods in relation to cash acceptance pending the completion of the National Payments Strategy.

Up to 100 farms have registered to take on the first ever farming apprentices this year.

Ministers Coveney, McGrath and McConalogue announce first lender to the market for €500m Growth and Sustainability Loan Scheme