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Minister McConalogue leads major in-person agri-food trade mission to North America

- Announces agreement to allow export of Irish sheepmeat to the US market

- Extensive programme of business and Government engagements in Chicago, Ohio and Washington DC

- Minister of State Heydon will lead engagements in Texas and Mexico  

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue, T.D., will this week lead a major agri-food trade mission to the United States (Chicago, Ohio and Washington D.C.), in cooperation with Bord Bia, while Minister of State Martin Heydon T.D. will lead engagements in Texas and Mexico.


Minister McConalogue T.D. today announced that agreement has been reached with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) on a veterinary health certificate for the export of Irish sheepmeat to the US.


Securing agreement on a bilateral health certificate allows Irish sheep meat plants to formally apply for approval to export to the US.  It builds on the publication last December of a USDA rule which removed restrictions on exports of most sheep and goat products from the EU.

Minister McConalogue said: “This agreement provides full access for Irish sheepmeat to the US market. It marks another welcome move in the diversification of overseas markets for Irish sheepmeat in line with the Food Vision 2030 goal of accessing and developing new market opportunities in priority markets. It is the result of diligent work by my officials and the Embassy of Ireland in Washington DC, following the lifting last December of the US ban on EU sheep meat exports. The speedy agreement on certification conditions comes after many years of preparatory work; in particular, UDSA recognition in 2019 of the equivalence Ireland’s sheepmeat inspection system with US domestic  standards. It is, therefore, very much a testament to the high standards and reputation of Irish sheep farming. Our sheep farmers are world class producing a safe, sustainable and healthy product that is in demand in markets across the globe.

Minister McConalogue continued: “It is now up to industry working with my Department to apply for and complete the plant approval process, over the coming  months. I hope to see exporters take advantage of this niche opportunity as soon as possible. In the meantime, I will use this Trade Mission to raise the profile of Irish grass-fed lamb in the US and promote awareness of it as a premium natural product.”


Welcoming today’s news, Bord Bia CEO Tara McCarthy said: “There has never been a better time for Irish companies to export lamb to the US, with Bord Bia research showing that lamb consumption is growing amongst consumers, particularly in the younger age categories in North America.

“In June, Bord Bia launches a three-year EU co-funded beef and lamb promotion in the US, called ‘Working with Nature’. This campaign sees Bord Bia investing €1 million euro in marketing and promotional seminars, events and promotional activities from 2022 to 2025. This programme shows Bord Bia’s ongoing commitment to developing sustainable business relationships for our industry.”

Tara McCarthy said the announcement will allow Bord Bia and the Irish sheepmeat industry to build on the already positive image of Ireland within the US and allow for an expansion of the product range under consideration by US importers, wholesalers and ultimately consumers.

According to Bord Bia’s market insights, import volumes of sheepmeat to the US have increased from 103,527 tonnes in 2015 to 166,165 tonnes in 2021. Of last year’s imports, approximately 68% was frozen and 32% was chilled. Australia and New Zealand account for the majority of imports to the US, representing 98% of all imports in volume terms.


Speaking ahead of the Trade Mission, Minister McConalogue said: “I greatly look forward to this important Trade Mission. The United States is a key market for Irish agri-food exports, with exports valued at €1.3 Billion last year. Meeting with Secretary for Agriculture Vilsack and other key players from Government and Congress is vital, in maintaining our already excellent relations with the US. I am also eager to take part in our joint event with the World Bank on Sustainable Food Systems, particularly in the context of the Ukraine Crisis.”


Minister of State for New Market Development Martin Heydon said: “It is important to touch base with our growing markets in the southwest of the US – especially Texas – and Mexico to underline the strong credentials of our agri-food exports. This will be the key focus of my visit. Mexico is also a potentially important export market for Irish pigmeat, and I look forward to engaging with key stakeholders from Mexican Government, retail and hospitality sectors to help maximise this opportunity for the Irish pig sector.”

Bord Bia CEO Tara McCarthy said: “ The US is now Ireland’s second largest export market after the UK, with exports last year valued at €1.3 billion, up 22% on 2020. This trade mission sees Bord Bia engaging in a series of strategic buyer meetings that will support Irish food and drink companies in their efforts to deepen existing key trade relationships and to create new business opportunities. Our focus this week is on business generation and conversion, building the reputation of Irish food and drink exports and identifying value-added opportunities for exporters.




Note for Editors

Value of US and Mexico markets


 The USA was Ireland’s 2nd largest destination for Agri-food exports in 2021, with exports totalling approximately €1.3 billion. This represents a 20.2% increase in value on 2020 figures, and a 22.5% increase in volume. Irish agri-food exports to the USA were valued at €521.6 million in 2012 and have increased by 147.4% to €1.3. billion in 2021.

In 2021, Beverages were Ireland’s top Agri-food export to the USA, accounting for 51% (€657.4 million) of the total exports to the country. Irish Whiskey, to the value of €420.5 million accounts for 64% of this. Dairy Produce came in second place, valued at €431.2 million.



Mexico was Ireland’s 18th largest destination for Agri-food exports in 2021, with exports totalling approximately €103.1 million. This represents a 34.2% increase in value on 2020 figures, and a 28.5% increase in volume. Irish agri-food exports to Mexico were valued at €47.5 million in 2012 and have increased by 117.2% to €103.1 million in 2021.


In 2021, Dairy Produce was Ireland’s top category of Agri-food export to Mexico, accounting for 84% (€87.2 million) of the total exports to the country. Casein for food manufacturing, to the value of €78.8 million accounts for 90.4% of this. Beverages came in second place, valued at €15.1 million.



Minister McConalogue

Monday 25 April – Chicago, Illinois

  • Meeting with McDonalds
  • Enterprise Ireland Event
  • Networking Lunch with business leaders
  • Dairy industry meetings
  • Networking Dinner with business leaders


Tuesday 26 April – Columbus, Ohio

  • Visits to retailers stocking and promoting Irish products
  • Meeting with Ohio Department of commerce
  • Launch of Bord Bia “Spirit of Ireland” drinks campaign in the US
  • Meetings with local political and business leaders


Wednesday 27 April – Washington DC

  • Meeting with US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack
  • Meeting with White House Agriculture Advisor Kelliann Blazek
  • Meetings with US House and Senate Congressional Committee leaders
  • Media Engagements
  • Reception at Embassy of Ireland, Washington DC


Thursday 28 April – Washington DC

  • Keynote speech at event Co-hosted with World Bank: “Sustainable Food Systems: Nourishing the global population; Meeting climate targets; and responding to the new context arising from the Ukraine crisis”.
  • Return flight to Ireland


Minister Heydon


Thursday 28 April – San Antonio, Texas

  • Meeting with leadership of key retail customer


Thursday 28 April – Mexico City, Mexico

  • Launch Event on access to Mexican market for Irish pork, Irish Embassy Mexico City


Friday 29 April – Mexico City, Mexico


  • Meetings with Meeting with Mexican Secretary for Agriculture and Under-Secretary for Trade
  • Launch of joint initiative with UN FAO, supporting Rural Female Entrepreneurs in Mexico
  • Business dinner at Irish Residence, Mexico


Saturday 30 April – Mexico City, Mexico

  • Tour of “Chinampas” (floating farms on canals) in Mexico City
  • Return flight to Ireland