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Statement from the National Public Health Emergency Team 17 December 2021

The Health Protection Surveillance Centre has today been notified of 3,628 confirmed cases of COVID-19.


As of 8am today, 420 COVID-19 patients are hospitalised, of which 105 are in ICU.


Possible Omicron cases can be identified by the number of PCR results with ‘S gene target failure.’ Using this methodology, we estimate that approximately 35% of reported cases are now due to the Omicron variant.




Statistics on booster vaccinations are now available on the COVID-19 data hub.#LayerUp to protect against COVID-19 infection. A range of posters and signs are available for you to use. Day to day variation in the reported number of cases of COVID-19 does not impact on key trend analysis. Analysing over a longer time period such as a week or 14 days, smooths out any variations introduced by processing times, and provides a more stable picture of the trend. 

The number of notifications on CIDR will differ from other HSE data sources, such as positive SARS-CoV-2 results uploaded to the COVID Care Tracker, for several reasons including:

  • Deduplication of repeat positive tests in the same person 
  • Differing upload schedules by the laboratories to CCT and CIDR – uploading of positive records on CIDR by laboratories is a more manual process than uploading to CCT. Uploading to CIDR typically occurs on the day or within one day of authorisation of the laboratory test result 
  • The time required for the two-step method of processing notifications on CIDR - this typically occurs either on the day or within one day of laboratories uploading positive records on CIDR 

 *Daily case numbers may change due to future data validation