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Statement by Minister Coveney on the 50th Anniversary of Bloody Friday

Today, we remember the victims, the survivors and all those affected by the callous events of Bloody Friday. It is a day of reflection for the families, survivors and wider communities that bear the scars of that loss.  It should be a day of reflection for all who care about the future of this island.


In the dark history of the Troubles, Bloody Friday was one of the most devastating days of violence. Nine people died and over 120 people were seriously injured when bombs exploded throughout the city, causing destruction and chaos on the streets of Belfast on a busy Friday afternoon. These murders can never be justified, and we must all confront the pain and suffering that they caused. For the people who were on the streets of Belfast that day, the impact and horror of what they witnessed will never fade from memory.


Today is a significant moment for the families who lost their loved ones, and for the survivors. We stand in solidarity with them as they remember that day 50 years ago.