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Taoiseach Micheál Martin to attend meeting of the European Political Community and informal meeting of the European Council in Prague

Taoiseach Micheál Martin will travel to Prague for the first meeting of the European Political Community on 6 October, and for an informal meeting of the European Council on 7 October.


The European Political Community will bring together leaders from 44 European countries in Prague Castle.


The EPC is intended to support strengthened security and stability in Europe. As the war in Ukraine continues, leaders will discuss issues of shared concern including security, energy and the economy.


The informal meeting of the European Council will discuss similar topics, with energy security and prices expected to be a focus as we approach a difficult winter.


Speaking ahead of the meetings, the Taoiseach said:


“I very much welcome the creation of this new European Political Community. I hope it will prove to be a valuable forum in which leaders of European countries - those who are members of the EU and those who are not - can discuss the shared challenges we face.


“With Russia continuing to wage its illegal and immoral war, we all stand with Ukraine in defence of its sovereignty and of international law.


“All countries in Europe are grappling the consequences of the war, not least elevated energy prices and supply constraints. Our discussions should help us work together to mitigate the most damaging impacts.


“I also look forward to discussing these challenges in more detail with my European Union colleagues on Friday.


“Energy Ministers this week agreed a package of measures that should add to this Government’s work to reduce energy demand and support our citizens, especially the most vulnerable, through a difficult winter.


“I expect that Leaders will welcome that and examine whether there are further steps we can take.


“We will also discuss developments in Ukraine, including our utter rejection of Russia’s illegal annexation of parts of a sovereign country. It cannot and it will not be allowed to stand.”