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200 businesses set to take part in a free Commercial Fleet Trial for electric cars and vans

The Department of Transport and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) have today announced the launch of a Commercial Fleet Trial. Businesses will be trialling a fully electric vehicle to see how they can work for their business to save money and emissions.


Two hundred businesses nationwide will have the use of an EV for three months at no cost to them, along with the option to install an EV charger.  14 business across Sligo, Limerick, Louth, Wexford, Dublin, Wexford, Cork, Waterford and Galway will receive their cars by the end of this month.  


The Minister for Transport, Eamon Ryan, said:

“Ireland’s Climate Action Plan sets down ambitious targets for Electric Vehicles on Irish roads by 2030 to help reduce our emissions. An important component in achieving this target is the electrification of the commercial fleet sector. Businesses up and down the country are already telling us that they are keen to make the switch to more sustainable practices, but they also need to know that the switches they want to make are going to be good for their bottom-line. The findings from this trial will give us real-world feedback and provide us with the evidence to encourage even more businesses to switch to electric.  Innovative trials like this are more important than ever in finding solutions for reducing our emissions and ensuring that Irish business continues to thrive.”


William Walsh, CEO of SEAI, said:

“Electric vehicles are a great option for businesses across a wide range of industries. Given the increased costs of business they can help reduce fuel costs, have lower maintenance costs and lower tolls. They also allow businesses to operate with reduced emissions and show customers that they are contributing to a cleaner more sustainable environment. This trial will showcase the financial and emissions savings achieved by a variety of different businesses by switching to electric.”


The trial will be co-ordinated by Zero Emissions Vehicles Ireland, an office of the Department of Transport and SEAI. To find out more about this trial and the benefits of switching to an EV, visit and




Notes to the Editor


About ZEVI

Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland has been established as a dedicated Office within the Department of Transport charged with supporting consumers, the public sector and businesses to continue to make the switch to zero emission vehicles. The Office will lead on the delivery of the Ireland’s ambitious target under the Climate Action Plan 2021 to have 945,000 electric vehicles in the Irish fleet by 2030. Supported by cross-agency resources and expertise, ZEVI acts as a one stop shop for information on grants, initiatives, and information to support the public, industry, and businesses in making the switch to zero emission vehicles.


About SEAI

SEAI is Ireland’s national energy authority investing in, and delivering, appropriate, effective, and sustainable solutions to help Ireland’s transition to a clean energy future. We work with Government, homeowners, businesses, and communities to achieve this, through expertise, funding, educational programmes, policy advice, research, and the development of new technologies. SEAI is funded by the Government of Ireland through the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications.