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Everyone encouraged to Check the Register as Local Authorities begin update campaign

The Minister of State for Heritage and Electoral Reform, Malcolm Noonan, T.D. today called on electors and potential electors to engage with the latest Check the Register campaign. 


The campaign launching today aims to encourage everyone, including those already registered to vote, to go to and either confirm or update their details.  In a year when there is a referendum promised and less than 12 months before we have local and European elections the Minister is encouraging everyone to act now to get ahead to ensure their information is correct.  

“Local authorities around the country are gearing up for a substantial body of work over the summer months to update the electoral register and further improve its accuracy but they can’t do it on their own.  Even if we’re already on the register, we all have a part to play and we can do this by checking and either confirming or updating our information.  Adding details including date of birth and PPSN allows local authorities to cross-check and confirm the information provided by each person, adding to the integrity of the process.   


We can also let local authorities know about other changes needed, for example in relation to  family members who are deceased and still on the register, I think we all know that it can be upsetting for a loved one to receive a polling card for someone no longer with us,”said Minister Noonan.

 A campaign run in November last yielded over 35,000 applications through during the course of the campaign and a total of 76,000 to date.  The Minister hopes that the simplicity of the process will see significant numbers of people confirming or updating their information.     

This campaign will see a national campaign roll out on broadcast, outdoor and digital channels. Local authorities will also undertake activities in their local area to encourage people to get their details up to date in advance of the opportunities to vote taking place in the year ahead.


“Voters across the country now have a simple and straightforward way of engaging with their local authority on the electoral register through  Those in the Dublin region can also use  The ability to engage online has been a game-changer in the registration process both for registration authorities and for the wider public. These changes give us a more accessible, flexible and modern system that’s simple and straightforward to use. It has never been easier or quicker for people to register to vote or update their details, or simply let the local authority know that their details are current and correct by adding their PPSN and date of birth, so that’s what we’re encouraging everyone to do today”.  






  • A paper form will remain available for those who wish to use it, either with a PPSN or with an in-person identity check at a local Garda station similar to the previous process. 
  • PPSNs just like Dates of Birth which are already collected as part of the registration process will never appear on the electoral register but their inclusion will, over time, also assist in improving the integrity of the register by enabling management of duplicate entries as well as identifying and removing in a timely manner people who are deceased. 
  • Where entries are not updated or information cannot be confirmed local authorities can follow up and ultimately remove entries if they cannot be confirmed as appropriate or accurate. People will have ample opportunities to engage and can appeal a decision to remove them. 
  • The Electoral Commission - An Coimisiún Toghcháin has an oversight role with respect to the electoral register and its processes. All local authorities are required to report annually on the register and, taking that information and any research it has carried out, An Coimisiún will publish a report on its assessment on the overall status of the register and its processes. It can also make recommendations to local authorities and to the Minister.