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Minister for Health appoints Dr Suzanne Crowe as new National Screening Advisory Committee Chair

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly has today announced the appointment of Dr Suzanne Crowe as the new Chair of the National Screening Advisory Committee (NSAC) following an open competition.

The NSAC is an independent committee which advises the Minister and the Department of Health on all new proposals for population-based screening programmes and on changes to existing programmes.

Dr Crowe is a Consultant at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin and Senior Clinical Lecturer in Paediatrics at Trinity College Dublin and is an Associate Professor in the division of Women and Children's Health, School of Medicine, University College Dublin. As the current President of the Medical Council, Dr Crowe brings over 30 years of experience in the public health service and leadership of senior multidisciplinary groups. Dr Crowe’s dedication to improving health outcomes for the population offers considerable synergy with the important work of the NSAC.

Minister Donnelly said:

"Dr Crowe brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this important role. Her leadership, no doubt, will lead us to further advance enhancements to population-based screening in Ireland. Safe expansion of population-based screening in Ireland is the priority for the National Screening Advisory Committee, done in line with best international practice. Significant progress has been made in this regard in the last few years. I continue to support this committee’s work and look forward to working with Dr Crowe."

Dr Crowe said:

"I am delighted to join NSAC to continue its important work on population screening in Ireland. I am grateful to the previous Chair, Professor Niall O’Higgins, for laying the right foundations and for the significant progress already achieved, and I am determined to continue the work. The importance of population-based health screening cannot be understated, and I look forward to contributing to effective health screening for our population."

There are currently 19 members of the NSAC, and the membership is drawn from representatives with backgrounds in different disciplines. Several members of the Committee’s terms are due to expire in October. The Department of Health is now requesting expressions of interest for appointment to the NSAC for people with expertise in the following areas:

  • epidemiology
  • ethics
  • public voice
  • obstetrics
  • health economics

The positions are currently advertised on StateBoards and the closing date for applications is 17 November 2023. Potential applicants are encouraged to read the information booklet carefully prior to submission of an application.


Dr Suzanne Crowe biography

  • Dr Suzanne Crowe is an experienced Chair of senior multidisciplinary groups and has worked as a doctor for the last 30 years in the public health service
  • elected member of the Medical Council. Appointment approved by Minister for Health Simon Harris 2018, Stephen Donnelly 2023
  • Chair of the Ethics Committee, Medical Council (current)
  • Member of Audit and Risk Committee, Medical Council (current)
  • Member of the Fitness to Practice Committee, Medical Council (2018-2021)
  • Credentials Assessor for the Irish College of Anaesthesiologists (2016-2021)
  • Professionalism Mentor with Children’s Health Ireland (current)
  • Member of the Irish Child Mortality Register, representing Paediatric Intensive Care and Children’s Health Ireland at Crumlin (current)
  • Associate Professor in Paediatrics, School of Medicine, University College Dublin (current)
  • Senior Clinical Lecturer in Paediatrics, School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin (current)
  • Medical Director of Paediatric Intensive Care, Children’s Health Ireland, Crumlin (2016-2021)
  • Consultant in Paediatric Intensive Care Medicine, Children’s Health Ireland, Crumlin (current)
  • External Expert for State Claims Agency and Northern Ireland Coroner Service
  • Board Trustee for Downs Syndrome Centres Ireland (current); LGBT Ireland (current); Cheshire Ireland (current)


The National Screening Advisory Committee (NSAC) is an independent advisory committee which advises the Minister and Department of Health on all new proposals for population-based screening programmes and changes to existing programmes. More information on the Committee is available on its website and in the Annual Report 2022. The Committee also published its World Programme in 2022.

The Committee plays a significant strategic role in the development and consideration of population-based screening programmes in Ireland.

Professor Niall O’Higgins has chaired the Committee since its establishment and his term of office came to an end in June 2023. The appointment of Dr Crowe ensures continuity for the NSAC and its important work. The next meeting of the NSAC takes place on 20 October 2023.