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Minister McConalogue reminds farmers Checks by Monitoring for the Protein Aid Scheme and the Straw Incorporation Measure are now issuing

Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Charlie McConalogue T.D., today advised that notifications for Checks by Monitoring under the 2022 Protein Aid Scheme and the Straw Incorporation Measure are now issuing to farmers with further notifications to issue in the coming months.


Checks by Monitoring is an automated and continuous process which uses satellite and other data sources to check the agricultural activity on all land parcels declared by farmers under the Protein Aid Scheme and the Straw Incorporation Measure in 2022.


To facilitate the implementation of the Area Monitoring System, which will be compulsory in the next Common Agricultural Policy(CAP) period, a phased introduction is being implemented by Ireland for various schemes over the interim period. The first phase in 2021 saw Protein Aid Scheme coming under Checks by Monitoring.  This second phase in 2022 will include the Straw Incorporation Measure.


The Minister said, “The introduction of Checks by Monitoring is a positive move towards the simplification of the CAP. Checks by Monitoring offers many benefits to farmers including allowing farmers the opportunity to amend their payment claim without penalty where a potential non-compliance is identified”.


Notes for Editors:

Background to Checks by Monitoring

In 2018 the European Commission introduced changes to the Regulations and this allowed Member States the option of using Checks by Monitoring in place of on-farm inspections.


The Checks by Monitoring process in 2022 will allow for the notification to applicants of a potential problem in relation to crop type or activity within the  land parcels declared by the farmer. The schemes under Checks by Monitoring in 2022 are Protein Aid and Straw Incorporation Measure. 


Where such a potential problem is found, a notification will issue on the BPS online system. If a farmer is signed up for text message alerts, a text will issue to advise them to check for  a notification on their BPS account.


Where a farmer has applied online through an advisor, the advisor will receive the notification via the BPS online account in respect of any of his/her clients. Farmers who have applied through an advisor will also get a text message alert where they are signed up for this service.


Geotagged photographs or other documents may be requested as part of the notification. In certain cases, it may be necessary to verify the position on the ground by means of a farm visit.