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Publication of Report by Hugh Mohan SC

Tánaiste and Minister for Defence Micheál Martin today published the report by Hugh Mohan SC into the issues arising out of an event held in McKee Barracks in June 2020.


A protected disclosure was made in March 2021 about a lunch/BBQ held in McKee Barracks, alleging a breach of Covid regulations, and the physical and sexual assault of two female members of the Defence Forces at the event.


As a result, Hugh Mohan SC was asked to conduct an independent assessment into the planning, organisation and holding of the lunch/BBQ in McKee Barracks on the 25 June 2020 including whether the relevant requirements under COVID legislation at the time, were complied with fully by the Defence Forces.


There has been a conviction for a number of offences including sexual assault in the Court Martial system and sentencing is awaited.


In response to today’s publication of the report, the Tánaiste and Minister for Defence said:


“There is zero tolerance to any type of assault whether verbal, physical or sexual. This has absolutely no place in the Defence Forces or any other workplace. Lessons have to be learned from this event.”


He added:


“Having read the report it is absolutely clear that this event should not have been organised, and it was wrong to do so during a time when many people were subject to emergency public health restrictions.


“The organisation of this event represented very poor judgement by all concerned.


“The Chief of Staff accepts this and has applied necessary military sanctions to those involved. 


I have now asked the Chief of Staff to review this matter further.”


Some details in this report have been redacted to ensure compliance with the Order of the Military Judge not to identify the convicted person or victims.




The full report can be accessed here.