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Taoiseach Micheál Martin attends British-Irish Council

Speaking in Guernsey, the Taoiseach welcomed today’s meeting of the British-Irish Council, a key East/West institution of the Good Friday Agreement.


He briefed the BIC on his recent visit to Ukraine and the terrible devastation inflicted on that country by the Russian invasion. The Irish Government is resolute in its support for and solidarity with the people of Ukraine.


The Taoiseach welcomed the partnership between the EU and  the UK in responding to the war on Ukraine.


The Taoiseach regretted that the same spirit of partnership has been lacking  when it comes to Northern Ireland and addressing issues around implementation of the NI Protocol.  Unilateral action by the British Government is in breach of international law and is not conducive to making real progress. Nor is it based on the best interests of people and businesses in Northern Ireland.


The Taoiseach said ‘partnership, vision and compromise delivered and sustained the Good Friday Agreement. A return to that partnership approach by the UK Government, through honest dialogue and balanced agreement, can resolve the current implementation challenges with the Northern Ireland Protocol’.


The Taoiseach also briefed colleagues on the Shared Island Initiative, including a recent  allocation of €70m for Shared Island investment projects and inclusive engagement through the Shared Island Dialogue series.


He also joined in useful discussions on common challenges in meeting climate ambitions and addressing the rising cost of living across the members of the British Irish Council.